Assistant Instructor Package

That's All

For 30 years I have been working in the Marine Tourism Sector.

Creating, building or redeveloping businesses, organizations and concepts.

From the creation of multinational diving center management companies, to consulting for leading diving educational companies and organizations.
Setting up products for dive tour operators.
To last but not least training wildlife rangers and managing a marine park. 

Our portfolio is as wild as they come, the rumors may well be true! :-)

Let's put some depth in our lives

All our initiatives and projects are based on the core principles of:

Community utility, long term economical and environmental self-sustainability.

Because of the wide scope of different projects under our management, we have the unique ability to combine various talents and expertise tailored to your needs. 

15 March 2017
I can just see Cousteau the father of diving turning in the grave. After the disastrous management of the Calypso by the late captain's last wife, now the last bastion of Cousteau's legacy Aqualung ha...
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14 May 2017
Aerial View of the Kodiak Queen with the Kracken. Image Owen Buggy. What if… … a WWII warship could mobilize a global network of researchers, philanthropists and artists to solve marine health problem...
19687 Hits
05 May 2017
A killer whale found dead on the West Coast of Scotland had the highest level of a class of banned chemicals in her blubber of any animal ever reported in the UK. The killer whale, known as Lulu, was ...
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