How can coastal communities, feed, profit and live in harmony with their natural resources? GOBLU3 is a brainchild of TheOceanRoamer, developed for the IADP - DIVE PROFESSIONALS network and members.

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The GOBLU3 Initiative is a multifaceted socio-economic, environmental - community project developed entirely by TheOceanRoamer, destined for the IADP - DIVE PROFESSIONALS network.

The foundation of this initiative is based on the fact that in the world of today, nature attracts tourism, tourism in itself is a damaging force towards the environment; the more beauty the more tourism. A cycle that usually ends up in favor of beach side developers and a loss in natural resource.

The following statement may sound weird, but when the tipping point has been trespassed, responsible Eco-tourism is the only force able to protect the fragile Ocean Eco systems. It is necessary to have a critical look at our Oceans, understanding the many dangers and threats to the Eco-system.

The waterways are very much shared by Oil & Gas, Tourism, Fishing and Shipping industries... what is important is who we are going to deal with the threats of the future of globalism, development and climate change will irrevocably bring.

Responsible Eco tourism also needs a supportive well informed community, to help guide and protect its natural reserves.

In a capitalist society, the Oceans are in need of a productive cash turnout, to be protected.
Thus in comes the dire need for eco tourists to help support the environmental protection it needs.

GOBLU3 is not just about mindless protection, writing laws and never ending complaints about governmental and non-governmental agencies. It should be clear by now after 70 years of conservation efforts that we are failing. Putting another dollar into a major conservation agency works, but only as far as it gets. If we want conservation, it will need to start from us the people, and trying to get as many volunteers and like minded people onboard as we can.

LEARNING - DISCOVERING - PROTECTING TOGETHER, not just in words but in deeds.




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