Uniting dive professionals worldwide, from any background or segment within the professional diving industry and it’s subordinate businesses, in order to provide a safe, sustainable and profitable working environment for its members.

We need to face this simple truth about the 'Recreational Diving Industry', also known as the Training & Exploration sector of the professional diving industry. And that is, the fact that we are facing a multitude of threats on our sector; such as the adverse effects of capitalism on a global scale. Our sector is entirely led, and force fed, by a few corporations and nameless investment funds. In a sense we can all ascertain the fact, that we have all unwillingly become corporate lackeys; in one way or another. - H.Hemmerechts 2020

The International Association of Dive Professionals,

I started the IADP project somewhere in early 2007. It was also the year Social Media really made it's appearance on the internet. Linkedin with it's unequivocal professional approach was to be our main hub for the next 5 years. Quickly our networking and discussion group, grew in members and harbored great discussions and conversations on general topics which professionals could not have anywhere else with their peers.

Now fast track to today:

We have now reached an immense follower and fan base of 30,000 + followers and members. For a small segment like ours this is massive! With 3-4 websites, projects and a small volunteer team in Europe, and presences on all major social networks...

With the help of our volunteers we are now poised to register the IADP in Belgium as a non profit organization for the benefit of professional divers worldwide.





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