Curaçao, laidback and dushi

When I told friends and family my boyfriend and I would be visiting Curaçao during the Memorial Day holiday, the first question I got was "where is that?" Curaçao may be a little-known gem of the Caribbean compared to countries such as Jamaica and Bahamas, but what a great secret to uncover. With a population of about 160,000, this is one of the most unique countries in the Caribbean or the world for that matter, I’ve ever visited. It is outside the hurricane zone, so no worries of an impending storm to ruin your travel plans. The terrain of the country is amazing, one of the first things I noticed after we landed was there were a lot of cacti. I've never been to an island with cacti, so that was unique, and made for great pics. So, here’s our adventure to Curaçao from the beginning, with how we got...
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27 July 2019 | 01:40 PM Europe/Amsterdam The capital of Curaçao is steeped in history, one that dates back to 1634, when the Dutch took control from the Spanish and set up the island as a trade settlement. Today, the past is still present in the form of stunning architectural details that nod to Holland and narrow lanes that meander through the city center. Willemstad is divided by the Queen Emma Bridge, a floating pontoon connector that knits the two sections of downtown, Punda and Otrobanda, together. For a guide on where to eat and what to do, be sure to read Journal No.11 . READ TRUE BLUE IN JOURNAL NO.11 FOR OUR ENTIRE GUIDE TO CURACAO Original link

The Colourful Streets of Punda, Curacao

20 July 2019 | 09:05 PM Europe/Amsterdam Looking for unique, street art, and 3D visuals in the Downtown core of Curacao, known as Punda, was like a hidden treasure hunt. In no other place, did I see sunflowers shoot out from the wall, parrots look so lifelike they could almost sit on my shoulder, or #Pundawings that made me “look” angelic. The island of Curacao is a colourful feast for the eyes. The city centre of Punda is at the heart of it. With artistic expressions of street art that takes on an authentic Caribbean vibe, Punda is alive with hidden treasures one can search for without a map. I got lost in a maze narrow streets with wall art as my guide. The locals would refer to the wallart as a reference point for street directions and shout out, “Did you walk past the parrots?” “Did you see the...
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15 Most Insta-worthy Curacao hotspots

19 July 2019 | 09:58 PM Europe/Amsterdam Taking pictures of your Caribbean vacation is not only fun. It’s a great way to store wonderful memories when going back home, to enjoy even years later. When publishing vacation photos online you’re in a way taking your online followers with you, and you might even inspire friends and family to travel abroad to the island of Curacao too. We are showing you the 10 best photo hotspots to show off your Curacao vacation on Instagram. Queen Emma (Pontoon) Bridge and Handelskade The “swinging old lady” as we sometimes call it, is one of the most iconic landmarks which Curacao is famous for. With the  UNESCO World Heritage Site , the Handelskade, as a backdrop you can never go wrong. People will definitely double-tap this on Instagram as all those colors will surely blow them away. It’s beautiful by day, sunset and by...
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