11% more stayover arrivals in October 2018

Curaçao welcomed a total of 14,854 stayover visitors from the Netherlands; the main producing country closed October with double digit growth of 12%. The Netherlands continues to be the leading country where 42% of our share from stayover arrivals is originating. October has been one of the most favorable months for Dutch visitors to visit Curaçao. The peak days in October are during the autumn break. The last seasonal flight between Curaçao and Brussels was operated on October 21st. We registered a growth of 23% visitors from Belgium. A total of 821 Belgian visitors visited Curaçao in October 2018.

From the United States of America an increase of 11% is registered in October 2018. October is also known as one of the months when local citizens travel for leisure to the States. With this in mind and still able to register a double digit growth out of USA is positive news. The continuous support of CTB and partners to brand Curaçao in the USA is resulting in demand for the island. A total of 4,825 US visitors were welcomed in October 2018. Last year we registered 4,331stayover arrivals from USA.

Curaçao welcomed a total of 5,792 stayover visitors in October from North America, which is an 11% growth. Last year we registered 5,226 visitors from North America.

Both secondary focus countries from South America performed very well recording double digit growth. From Colombia we registered an increase of 99% to a total of 2,353 stayover visitors. The increase in stayover arrivals is the result of marketing efforts in combination with consistent back to back group movement. Traffic from Brazil recorded growth of 22% in October 2018. In total 1,118 Brazilians were welcomed. The outstanding growth from Brazil is the direct effect of additional seat capacity with Copa Airlines from Panama.

The South America region grew by 26% despite a 12% decrease from Venezuela in October.

January through October Visitor Arrivals 2018
The overall stayover arrivals in the first ten months grew by 6% compared to last year. Curaçao welcomed in total 345,282 stayover visitors in the first ten months of 2018. During the first ten months of 2018 a total of 143,741 Dutch visitors were welcomed. Last year in the same period 129,899 Dutch visitors were counted, an increase of 11%. From the United States of America the growth is recorded at 17% counting a total of 58,503 US visitors from January through October 2018. In 2017 we welcomed 49,442 stayover arrivals from USA. Canada grew with 5% more visitors, counting a total of 16,456 stayover arrivals in the first ten months of the year 2018.

A direct impact of $ 514 million US dollars was generated for the local economy in the first ten months of 2018. Forty-seven percent of the total direct impact is generated from European visitors who are responsible for $ 241.5 million US dollars. The direct economic impact from the remaining regions is as follows: North America $ 118.4 million, South America $ 87 million and Caribbean/other regions $ 67 million.

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Wednesday, 17 July 2019

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