Mission Ocean : Saving Water on Board

by Mission Océan 22 Mar 17:08 PDT Laura using the spray bottle to clean stainless steel © Mission Océan Today is World Water Day, and so it only seems fitting that we’ve been thinking about our fresh water consumption on board Contigo. Drinking water on board boats is always a big problem : how best to produce it and store it, where to position the water tanks, how much we should be drinking at sea… All cruisers will know the importance of being economical with water when showering, doing dishes or washing clothes. We’ve come up with a few ideas, and been inspired by other cruisers, to reduce our consumption. On board Contigo, we use less than 300L per week for two people, including showers, dishes, clothes, drinking water, and general boat cleanliness and maintenance. Our plastic-free drinking bottles - photo © Mission Océan We make our own drinking water on...
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