Our Goal

Can individuals and private entities, lead a not for profit community fueled aid and development project to fruition in Sudan? A social experiment in the making. 
Our Goal is simple: "Providing logistical, financial and consultative development aid, to both governmental and non - governmental organizations; in their missions to sustainably develop, and protect the Sudanese Red Sea Marine resources for the benefit of nature and it's coastal communities."

Missions for 2021 and beyond

Fishermen on the frontier with Egypt

1. Setting up our base.

The harbor city of Port Sudan, is the Red Sea State's capital. It is the main logistical central hub of the governorate. This is also the only area boasting a semi reliable communication network.  

Earth/Sea Research Station and ECO Resort

2. Earth/Sea Research Stations

Leasing/Management of areas from the Sudanese authorities suitable for our earth/sea research station and eco-tourism resort.  "Complete off the grid self sustainability, with positive environmental impact."

Fan Coral ofp

3. Research Expeditions

Coordinate, finance, co-organize and perform several research and cataloging expeditions, in cooperation with local and international organizations.

No Anchoring

4. Marine Tourism Moorings 

Finance, Train and Develop a mooring project / dive team that will construct and maintain a mooring infrastructure for tourism vessels in the appointed marine protected area's of Sudan's Red Sea.


5. Education

Fostering cooperation, aiming to provide high quality training courses, and consulting support for governmental agencies and educational institutions; in the Red Sea State of Sudan.




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