Tired of a shallow Existence? Time for some Depth in Your Life?
"Come and roam with me, to the atolls of Sudan's Red Sea, where the Ocean Roamers and I, will wait for thee."
Let the Sea set You Free!

THEOCEANROAMER© stands for non-conformism, idealism, professionalism, a strong sense of social and environmental duty.

At the age of 10, I learned sailing sports on the shores of Belgium's North Sea.

Aged 18 I would start my career in water sports and diving in Curacao.
But it would be the Red Sea that would steal my heart from the first moment I laid eyes on this red beauty way back in 1993.

Those early years I would spend them mostly, in the Southern Red Sea region, running liveaboards. What a delight it was cruising the empty shore lines. The expeditionary spirit had awakened.

I would continue liveaboard management until '97, then continue up the corporate ladder to create concepts like Extra Divers, or re-develop SSI's foothold in the Red Sea. 

It wasn't until after the 9/11 recession in Sinai, and a few years spent consulting for European tour and charter flight operators, that I would launch OCEANROAMERS officially in 2003. 

Since then we have created, or redeveloped 17 locations around the world. 

Travel, consulting and distribution services have always been the cornerstone of oceanroamers.

However the call of the wild is too strong to negate,...back to exploring.

2005 marks the start of a gradual shift towards ocean conservation and social development. Sudan's Khartoum and Port Sudan on the Red Sea would be my home for the next 6 years. Training the Sudan wildlife department, performing commercial dive jobs, construction...A back to basics of some sorts, to a time where I would wear fins more than shoes. I would trade in my suit jacket, for my captain's keppi.

Since then idealism started permeating, and I started ever more looking at managing social projects like the IADP - DIVE PROFESSIONALS or finding environmental solutions through GOBLU3.

Fast forward 9 years of recessions, and we land in the middle of a pandemic. That's where I decided on a paradigm shift, by returning to Sudan. By leading a community effort, and by giving people the opportunity in following, helping or donating remotely; thus jointly developing these marine conservation projects. 

#OPREDSEA is the most ambitious project I have ever had the pleasure of conceiving. It is a daring and dynamic reaction to a changing society, global threats on the environment; and a will to lead the fight against global climate change, on the front lines.

Click here for more information on OPERATION RED SEA '21

Henri - THEOCEANROAMER is a seasoned executive business consultant. An experienced executive instructor, and a commercial coastal captain. Platinum Pro 5000 award recipient in 2010. He has recently celebrated 30 years of professional diving. He is an outspoken, no nonsense professional; but above all an extreme idealist, feared by the corporate world for his somewhat alternate views; however respected by his peers and veterans in the Red Sea.




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