TheOc3anClub soft launches it's portal for Ocean Sports, in Sudan's Red Sea

OCEANROAMERS launches Sudan's first Ocean Sports Club. THEOC3ANCLUB

THEOCEANROAMER - OCEANROAMERS announce the soft launch of THEOC3ANCLUB portal benefiting Sudan's water sports enthusiasts, both in the capital and in the Red Sea State. The watersports club's mission is to help locals to DISCOVER, LEARN about, and PROTECT the Red Sea's natural resources. Bringing quality education to a wider audience, which had previously been unable to participate in Ocean sports, due to a lack in both training and quality equipment; notwithstanding the high cost these activities normally entail. 

The launch of the club had previously several times been delayed, due to the current tumultuous circumstances in the Sudan. However the wait is now finally over, and February 2022, marks the soft launch of our Portal as a start, while we still work on our location in Port Sudan, which is expected to be 'open for business' later on in March-April 2022.
We are still in the process of rehabilitation of the RSMA|ERC location, and training of the crew. Updates on our blog.

THEOC3ANCLUB in Port Sudan, will be located on the premises of the Red Sea Marine Academy & Experimental Research Center (RSMA|ERC), with it's house-reef inside the harbor, which is perfectly suited for all types of training, from beginner swimmer to pro diver courses.

The Dive Club is a tribute to the legacy of Commandant J.Y. Cousteau, who incidentally chose the Sudan's Shaab Rumi Reef, located north of Port Sudan as his experimental location for the "Precontinent 2" Mission. Where he and his team spent 30 days underwater.

People protect, what they love. Commandant J.Y.Cousteau

Proceeds of THEOC3ANCLUB support the Red Sea University's, faculty of Marine Sciences and Fisheries. But furthermore all training and memberships are free to faculty and staff members. As part of our #OPREDSEA mission, to bring quality sports education to the coastal community, of the Red Sea in Sudan. The Vision of the club is to create more awareness for the beauty of Sudan's Red Sea. And over time create citizen scientists, and conservationists that will actively support conservation efforts, in the Red Sea State.

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