The shift towards Social Entrepreneurship, emerged gradually; but saw its inception after our first projects in Sudan (2005). When faced with the reality of truth, and witnessing first hand the impacts, we have as marine tourism entrepreneurs on the Oceans. Over the years, as our idealism and concern for the aquatic environment grew; the resources and devotion to our ideals, also grew proportionately. 2022... the transformation to social entrepreneurship is now complete, with the implementation of #OPREDSEA.

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OCEANROAMERS Develops, leads and coordinates, dedicated teams, of partners and volunteers worldwide; cooperating on the following projects:

"Vis Unita Fortior - Strength United is Stronger"

The International Association of Dive Professionals, is the only international union/association of quality oriented diving professionals in the world. It regroups, individuals, businesses and organizations intent on addressing global issues.

"Somewhere along the way, we lost something very important. Our belief in the Sea, as a source of prosperity"

Turning back to the sea means getting more people excited about what our coastal regions have to offer, and growing a new generation of innovative coastal and marine businesses. GOBLU3 puts people in control so they can shape local priorities, value their greatest assets, and vitalize their shorelines.

"COTS... The 21 armed vampire like alien starfish, voracious devourer of entire coral reef systems. Sudanese Red Sea reefs enemy #1"

15th of July 2022 TheOceanRoamer during his daily reef research and monitoring activities for the Vault | Sudan project, was the first (and only, still to this day) who identified an massive COTS Outbreak of the coast of Port Sudan. While he reached out to local and international organizations for help, until today no comprehensive action has been undertaken to counter this ever growing threat. The local will and understanding is there, however the resources are simply not available.

"2023, the year we stopped destroying, the reefs of the Red Sea."


While Egypt is a world leader in fixed moorings, many countries around the Red Sea still do not have access to the necessary infrastructure. The resulting damage to these reefs, of anchoring damages, could easily be avoided, with fixed moorings, avoiding the need for destructive anchoring practices. The IADP, with it's GOBLU3 Red Sea alliance will change this, by giving access to the machinery, courses and organize regular mooring missions to countries in need around the Red Sea basin.

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."


The Red Sea Marine Academy & Experimental Research Centre projects, are well on their way to becoming qualitative marine science hubs; where environmentalism, technology, science and marine skills education, foster sustainable development, safeguard and restore marine biodiversity. 

"Saving the Past and Future of the Red Sea Biodiversity."

Rising sea temperatures and seasonal temperature spikes, are threatening the more fragile coral types of the Red Sea's reef systems. Coral Bleaching which was a once or twice in a decade occurrence, has now turned into a deadly yearly event in Sudan for instance; these events go hand in hand with algae blooms, making them even more deadly for all biodiversity. During these heatwave events, temperatures can top 35°C (95°F).